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Until a few decades ago the book was considered the finest and most precious gift. Indeed, when the books were at a premium. And the ability to read the book had only secured and educated people. Today can read virtually every person on earth. The books can be downloaded free of charge on the web. Reading has become available to any interested person and that its value has fallen sharply. Books can be compared to diamonds. Just imagine that found mine, which can provide these amazing stones and all. stone cost equated to a loaf of bread. So whether you would be valuable for a gift - a diamond ring? But the properties of the stone has not changed, it has not lost its strength and light rays are still delicately play on its faces. But it is available to anyone and its value has decreased. So it is with books. They are, as before, carry a lot of information, able to train memory and attention, to develop thinking and creativity. Reading books even can prevent many diseases. But they are available to be valuable. We provide not chase something valuable, it is today. Let's take what itself is in our hands and enjoy reading good literature.